Some Neat Subway Art

I recently discovered that Ralph Fasanella’s 1950 painting “Subway Riders” is permanently on view near fare control of the Fifth Avenue/53rd Street Subway Station (E & M trains).  How very cool!

Ralph Fasanella, “Subway Riders.” American Folk Art Museum.  Image from:

Here’s the painting as seen from the station:

Image from:

However, the other week when I was down there I noticed it was temporarily covered up :(  Hopefully this was a short-term situation, and the Fasanella painting will soon again be viewable to all of those happy-go-lucky New York subway commuters.

Subway art that I see much more regularly and absolutely love are the glass tile mosaics at the 66th Lincoln Center station (1, 2 trains) by Nancy Spero.

Nancy Spero.  Glass Mosaic.  Image from:

Makes the (joyful) subway treks that much more aesthetically pleasing!